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Our dog Maya got her first foxtail today. She was taken care of quickly and with care at PETS Referral Center. Being an ER, I expected it to be chaotic but it wasn’t and I’m so grateful to every staff person that took care of Maya begining to end.

Betty Kwan

I’ve had to go to PETS a few times over the years and I’ve always been impressed with the staff. They handle difficult situations with friendliness and grace while being honest and straightforward with options. Their thoughtfulness in difficult times is very much appreciated.

MB Richardson

I so appreciate having this place available and so near-by. We’ve visited three times over the last 10 years and each time it’s a been a good experience. Sometimes there are wait times, but it’s an ER and is to be expected. The facilities are clean, the doctors and techs are wonderful, and the costs are reasonable.
Dennis Keller

We’ve got a menagerie of dogs, cats and reptiles. PETS has provided superior care to other places that we’ve gone. The doctor who took care of my dog today was very empathic and spent a bunch of time with us. Not cheap, but I don’t think that any good vet is anymore. Highly recommended.
Berkeley Choate

We had a great experience with PETS, our dog hurt his back and was unable to be seen right away by our regular vet and we were referred to PETS. The staff was very kind and helpful. The vet tech was great with our dog and very clear about costs and how long it would take for our dog to be seen since he was stable. The vet was able to see him sooner than expected and called me with a very logical treatment plan. I liked her approach to rule one thing out at a time, rather than running every test under the sun. I’m hoping we don’t need to come back, but if we do, we’ll be coming to PETS.
Elizabeth Sgarrella

I had a great experience at PETS Referral. The staff was kind, knowledgeable, and really seemed to care about my cat. She had an infected abscess from a fight and I took her in around 3:30pm. They had several other critical pet patients that day, so they couldn’t see my cat until about 11pm, but they were apologetic and it’s understandable since my cat’s condition was stable. The cost was reasonable and they offered, but didn’t push, additional costly procedures. I’m very grateful since they gave her quality care at a fair price.

Morgan Anderson