Reasons to see a veterinary ophthalmologist:

  • An eye condition is not responding to initial therapy or is unclear
  • Vision is deteriorating and you are interested in more information and/or cataract surgery
  • Your pet has diabetes and you would like to learn about associated eye diseases (cataract and dry eye)
  • Determining there are no inherited ocular diseases (if you are considering breeding a pet)
  • You are being told that your pet’s eye condition requires surgery and you would like help in choosing the most appropriate surgical option
  • Utilizing non-invasive cryotherapy for eyelid tumors under sedation rather than general anesthesia
  • Advanced surgical and medical management of glaucoma
  • You have questions about your pet’s eye health that are unanswered
  • You have a pet that is at high risk for eye problems (for example French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, and other “brachycephalic” dogs are ten times more likely to develop corneal ulcers than other breeds) and you want to know what to look for
  • You have a middle-aged Golden Retriever and would like us to screen your dog for Golden Retriever Uveitis (see link to Mitzi’s GRU resources)