How to tell if your pet’s eye problem is urgent:

  • Your pet’s primary care veterinarian recommends urgent referral or seems concerned
  • Your pet is squinting (a sign of irritation or pain) and you don’t know why or you don’t already have a prescribed treatment plan in place
  • Your pet is squinting and the treatment plan already in place has not led to improvement in the time interval you were told to expect
  • Your pet has suddenly lost most of his/her vision (is bumping into things)
  • Pus-like, green discharge, or blood-tinged discharge is coming from the eye
  • Frequent rubbing/pawing at the eye
  • Swelling of the pink inner eyelid tissue that is preventing normal eyelid movement or is becoming moderate to severe
  • The surface of the eye has suddenly become moderately to severely cloudy
  • If more than one of the above are true, then that usually constitutes an emergency and you should bring your pet to PETS ER asap.

What does squinting look like?

This boston terrier is squinting his *left* eye, holding it partially shut.

This poodle is squinting her *right* eye.