Medications and refills

Medications and refills:

Medications: Some medications are filled directly from PETS and some are prescribed from outside
compounding pharmacies and shipped to your house. PETS does not ship medications

Medication refills: -Please request a refill 5-7 business days prior to running out of the medication. It may take up to 2-3 business days to process the refill – Refill requests can be made by filling out the refill request link (preferred) or calling PETS (510-548-6684). If you leave a voicemail, its possible it may not be listened to for 24-48 business hours, which can delay the refill process. Please keep in mind that refills are only processed during working business hours – For compounding pharmacies, please request a refill through the PETS medication refill request link online and specify the pharmacy that the medication is filled through

For Stokes and Wedgewood Pharmacy: You can alternatively contact the pharmacy directly for refills, and they will alert PETS Oncology for approval For most medication refills, we will typically require an exam +/- labwork within 3-6 months.

For some chemotherapies, more frequent exams and labwork are required. If you are going to run out of a medication before your appointment that is required for the refill, please call PETS to speak with the oncology team about what you should do