Basic Oncology Client Information

Basic Oncology client information

Oncology hours and contact:

Oncology hours: Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm

PETS general phone number: 510-548-6684

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time for parking and completion of check-in forms.

PETS Emergency Service is open 24-7 in case of an emergency (no appointment needed)

Appointment scheduling:

New appointments: Please schedule by filling out a specialty appointment request form.

Recheck appointments: If you have not scheduled a recheck in office, please give us a call so we can make an appointment with you.

Appointment types:

New appointment for exam +/- testing: this includes a complete physical exam by the doctor and an in-depth discussion of your pet’s cancer. We will discuss diagnostic tests that can be pursued to understand the extent and type of cancer, as well as treatment options and what to expect. This appointment type is for all new patients to PETS Oncology AND for current patients if they develop a new cancer type OR if they haven’t been seen by PETS Oncology for over 1 year. Your pet may need to stay for a few hours for testing if elected after the exam and consultation.

Recheck appointment for exam +/- testing: this is a ~30min appointment with a doctor. Some tests may require your pet to stay at PETS for a longer period of time.

Recheck appointment if your pet requires an ultrasound: this is a drop-off appointment, with most drop-off slots between 9 – 9:45am. Please fast your pet; do not feed breakfast the morning of the ultrasound. Water is fine. Ultrasounds will generally be completed in the mid-morning to early afternoon. The doctor will examine your pet and call after the ultrasound is completed to discuss results and suggest a pick-up time (usually early to mid-afternoon)

Chemotherapy appointment: we may suggest a 30min recheck or a drop-off appointment where your pet will stay for a few hours for chemotherapy administration. The length of the appointment is both chemotherapy and pet dependent. Your pet will have an exam by a doctor before chemotherapy is given. If you need to speak with the doctor prior to your pet receiving chemotherapy, please make sure to alert the staff when you leave your pet so the doctor knows to call you.

Technician appointment: this is a ~15-30min appointment with an oncology nurse/technician. A doctor will not examine your pet and will not be available to speak with you directly during the appointment. Results will be conveyed by the nursing team. A doctor will review the testing from the appointment, but this could happen several hours after the appointment. This appointment type is most often used for blood tests after chemotherapy doses. If your pet feels sick or you have concerns that you need to discuss with a doctor, please call and switch to a 30min recheck appointment.